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Rally Computers

Your GaugePilot contains multiple Rally computer applications, all making use of the GaugePilot Rally EngineTM.

GaugePilot is approved by most rally organizations and, for those with more restrictive rules, includes a regulation mode that, when active, locks out average speed functionality and speed displays.

Competition GaugePilot models features twin wheel-sensors, with switching between the two sensors performed in software. Both sensors are calibrated simultaneously, reducing setup time.

The Rally and Rally Pro models support up to four different calibrated sets of tyres to allow mid-event changes to snow or other specialist tyres whilst maintaining your GaugePilot's on-event calibration.

Every GaugePilot includes our easy calibration trim facility to perfect your initial calibration during a rally, adjust where sections of the roadblock differ in calibration, or to compensate for the driver's style. A simple slider allows you to trim your calibration up or down by up to 5%.

Accurate average speed measurement requires not only an accurate odometer but also accurate timekeeping. Each and every GaugePilot has an individually calibrated temperature-compensated clock to ensure accurate time keeping in all ambient conditions. A non-compensated clock can be out by up to half a second every hour - enough to matter if your event is measured to the hundredth.

Your GaugePilot can be set to power up automatically into any of the rally applications when the ignition is switched on, meaning you can just turn the key and go. What could be simpler!